Open Jack Nights are one of Belfast's newest traditions, started as part of the Sonorites Festival at Queen's; these jamming sessions hosted at Catalyst Arts Gallery are fastly becoming one of the favorite activities within the art scene in Belfast.

 Analogue to common "open mic" events at traditional venues, open jack is an open forum for musicians and audiences interested in electronic music. From known personalities to local electronic music enthusiasts, open jack is for all to join, jam, improvise and share music making in real-time.

 The idea is simple: Electronic Art Music lives outside academia, open jack is all about the music. No prizes, no awards, no recognition, no building up your CV, no 3 pages program notes explaining why anyone SHOULD like a performance or piece, no bringing your rehearsed stuff, no overthought overstructured compositions, no theories behind. Just live improvisation in a collective environment following the groove of the night.

  • Rules are straightforward:
  • Up to 4 performers on stage at a time.
  • First come first plays basis.
  • Performers are replaced one by one, whom ever enters the jam must join the music being played at that time.

 Past editions of these nights have included reknowned improvisers such as: Akihiro Kubota, Jason Dixon, Henry Vega, BLISS, Katarzyna Glowicka, Paul Stapleton and others.
 If you are comming to Belfast any time soon and are interested in participating and jamming with the locals, drop us a line and we can arrange it.
openjack [at] miguel-ortiz [dot] com